How You Benefit By Using W. H. Williams, CPA, Small Business Specialists

Willis H. Williams is sole owner of W. H. Williams, CPA, in Olathe, Kansas. A veteran professional specializing in monthly write-up work for small and medium sized businesses, he has nearly two decades of experience as an internal auditor, accountant and loss control coordinator. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, National Association of Tax Preparers, National Association of Computerized Accountants and the Olathe Chamber of Commerce.

We can eliminate unnecessary paperwork that you may be doing now, such as, rewriting information into general journal, payroll ledger, sales journal, cash receipts journal and general ledger.

We will install a system of reporting information that is easier for you to use and shifts responsibility to W. H. Williams CPA, thereby creating more time and less worry for you.

We are always available to answer your questions and solve your tax and business problems quickly, courteously, and professionally.

We service only small businesses so you’ll never be neglected in favor of a large client. Also, since we specialize, we are better able to stay current on tax law as it applies to small businesses. In many cases we can decrease your total tax burden.

We have experience in many other areas of business, including cost control, budgets, data processing, cash flow analysis, advertising, loan packages, telemarketing, and general business management. 

Call us anytime for a free initial consultation and presentation of services. Schedule a consultation today!

Willis H. Williams CPA

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