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Disregarding The Numbers

Disregarding the Numbers

Financial statistics are key business indicators that seldom lie. These numbers can alert a businessman to problems that could happen several months down the road. Always know where you stand on your balance sheets, bank accounts and your profit ratios.

Slow Or Uncollected Reveivables

Slow or Uncollected Receivables

It doesn’t matter how generous you are in your personal life. When it comes to collecting debts or even issuing credit in your business, business rules MUST rule. Every small businessman must learn what the giant businesses have known for many years.

Going Into Business With Limited Cash

Going into Business with Limited Cash

Pure and simple, business is money. The businessman is constantly trying to find ways to bring it in the door, spend it as wisely as possible, make it stretch in all directions and then invest it in the most profitable way. Every decision the owner must make should be geared to make sure his money makes money.

Little Or No Credit

Little or No Credit

Borrowing money can be the vehicle to business growth. It is not a sign of weakness or one of those last ditch efforts to stay in business. Borrowing can mean growth, expansion and a cushion when sales are lax or when the economy tightens up.


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