We Offer The Following Services To All of Our Clients

Statement of Revenues & Expenses
An accurate, complete statement with sales, cost of sales, and expense breakdowns for the previous month and all months for the year-to-date totaled.

Statement of Assets, Liabilities, & Equity
A summary of assets, liabilities and equity.

Complete Records For Taxes
Prepared and maintained in accordance with the provisions and methods necessary. We enter all required records to protect your interests and save you time.

Detailed General Ledger
Containing each expense account appearing on the monthly statement with detailed entries for all the activity in that account, including the date of check payment, check number, payee and amount.

Bank Account Reconciliation
Your check stub balance is proven out against the bank’s figures each month and you are furnished with a written reconciliation to help avoid costly money leaks.

Payroll Register
Each employee is listed individually by name, social security number and employee number. Each wage or salary payment is recorded by date, check number, gross amount, tax deductions, other deductions and net amount paid.

Payroll Service Provider
We offer payroll check writing, tax filings, direct deposit, check signing, customized reports and other services as needed.

Internal Revenue Service Professional
We specialize in IRS abuse. We know how to prevent penalties and audits. Additionally, we can show you how to maximize your deductions.

We Also Offer The Following Services:

Monthly Operating Statements
A monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales, and overhead expenses in an easy to read format that includes monthly and year to date amounts in dollars and percentages.

Balance Sheet
Summarizes business assets, liabilities, and net worth in sections that are easily understood.

Bank Reconciliation
We will balance your bank accounts every month and enter all transactions into your financial statement, then let you know if any adjustments are needed to make your check stub balance agree.

Preparation Of All Tax Forms
Income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, franchise tax, property tax, and any other tax form for federal, state, city or count.

Personal Business Consultation
If you have a question or problem that needs to be resolved, just call. If we notice something that could affect your taxes (law change, increase or decrease in profits), we’ll call you. Our business was built on helping our clients, by saving them time and money, and providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional is always available to help you.

Payroll Records
We will maintain your payroll register showing each employee’s earnings and withholdings. 1099 information is also maintained.

Taxpayer Resolution
For tax payer problems, we perform IRS audits and appeals, installment agreements, offers in compromise, non collectible status, and trust fund recovery.

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