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tax resolution paperwork

For many businesses owners, the IRS can be a big problem. At Willis Williams, our goal is to help you understand and defend your rights as a taxpayer. Our professional staff has years of experience addressing and resolving tax problems that many U.S. citizens face. While you may be worried about the financial burden of tax penalties, there are many resolutions that can significantly reduce and/or eliminate these charges.

We Specialize in the Following Tax Payer Resolution Services:

Avoid Tax Penalties and Interest

If you’re behind on paying taxes, you may develop substantial fines as well as interest. However, these penalties can be removed or reduced. Depending on your tax situation, we can help you with penalty and interest abatement.

Assist in Setting Up an Installment Agreement

We understand that it may be difficult to pay off your tax debt in full. The good news is, we can help you set up an installment agreement so you can pay your back taxes over time. We can help you determine the best course of action for your payment plan.

Offers in Compromise

This option is a settlement that resolves tax debt for less than the original amount owed. Willis Williams can assist in negotiating these offers with the IRS so that you can pay a reduced fee.

Discharge and Bankruptcy

Your back taxes, penalties, and interest may qualify for a complete discharge in Bankruptcy. If you have extensive debt that you have trouble paying, this may be your best tax relief option. But, it’s best if you have an expert analyze if this is the right course of action for you and your business. We will help you decide which solution is the best for your financial needs.

tax resolution paperwork


During an audit, the IRS will examine your finances business and/or individual accounts to ensure the amount being filed on a tax return are in ordinance with federal and state tax laws.

This option can be a costly one for your financial matters. We can defend your rights, and process and file appropriate forms to mitigate any of the collections the IRS holds on you.


If you disagree with the IRS penalty charges against you, you can request an appeal. It’s our job to help you determine what interfering decisions can be appealed. If you need to file an appeal with the IRS, let Willis Williams will help you settle the tax dispute.

Bank Levy Release – Seizure/Foreclosure

Did you know that the IRS has the ability to freeze and then seize your money from your bank accounts? Fortunately, we can help resolve this financial burden and get the bank levy released. Thus, allowing you to have more control of the decisions of how you handle tax debt.

At Willis Williams, we make it our personal goal to educate you on your rights and make sure the IRS isn’t taking advantage of your financial assets. Let us be your advocate. Call us at 1-914-782-7239 or Schedule a consultation online today.

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